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Homeschool Groups in Michigan

This is what I have been able to find when I researched homeschool groups in Michigan. If you have information on a group that I didn’t include that you want included please send an email and I will update my list. I am not recomending any of these groups.

Kids Playing Tug of War


Although I don’t represent any of these groups, finding a group of like minded homeschoolers can help both parents and students make friends, access enrichment classes and activities, and build a community to support your homeschooling journey.

Adventures Homeschool Association- Ann Arbor

An interdenominational Christian learning and sharing cooperative, serving homeschooling families and students. We are also: a Christian, homeschool co-operative, serving the needs of families with high school students (and others) a modest-size group a family-style group with dads involved and lots of inter-family and inter-generational relating. 

not a school. We are homeschoolers taking advantage of being homeschoolers so we don’t have to approach learning the way schools do.  Our classes are based on the needs and interests of our families and students.  What classes would you like to see?  (Oh, and yes, we do use some textbooks.) a 501(c)(3) non-profit

CTK Homeschool Group -          Ann Arbor 

TUESDAY: Our partnership day with Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA)

CTK HSG Tuesday Program is a drop-off program with a wide range of elective classes where four classes may be for FREE for those who enroll as part time students with OVA Tuesday classes are meant to complement and supplement our Thursday core classes, although members do NOT need to participate on Thursday in order to enroll on Tuesday.   Tuesday elective partnership classes are open to everyone, regardless of race or religion.  Currently, a small number of service jobs will be required of all members.

THURSDAY: Our Classical, Catholic, Co-op Day

CTK HSG Thursday Program is our co-op day. High School classes on Thursday focus on theology, history, literature, philosophy, art and music. Middle school classes prepare students for high school with excellent history and literature overview classes, as well as strong writing, logic and science courses.  Elementary classes are supplemental to what homeschooling parents are doing at home which engages students at every level from 4-year-olds up through 6th grade. CCD and Atrium programs are available in the afternoon as part of the co-op.

Homeschoolers of Ann Arbor (HAA) Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti

We are a family-oriented, inclusive, secular, member-driven, 4-H group for homeschooling families in and around Ann Arbor. Our group is committed to building a close-knit, diverse community dedicated to raising and educating our children primarily outside institutional environments. Within our group, educational philosophies and practices are respectfully exchanged and discussed. We are an all-inclusive group and are not bound by religious creeds or political parties.  Our 4-H group is geared towards children 5 to 18 (with younger siblings welcome).

Lyceum Learning Institute Adrian/Monroe/Plymouth

very Child Learns Differently Lyceum Learning Institute offers the following homeschool educational opportunities: Elective Classes With Virtual Core Classes, State of the Art Makers Lab, Monroe Public Schools Funded Partnership Elective Classes For Part-time Students, Dual Enrollment With Monroe County Community College For High School Students, Monroe Public Schools Full Curriculum Virtual School, Small Group Or Private Tutoring, Unschooler Meet Ups, Forest School, Before and After Hours Child Care For Ages 5 to 12, Tuition Based Toddler & Preschool Classe, Child Care For Younger Siblings Ages 2 1/2 to 6, Speech & Occupational Therapy, Parent Workshops and Fitness Classes, Summer Workshops and Camps, Tuition Classes

Nature Learning Community Ann Arbor

We are changing the world for the better by facilitating the process of deep nature connection.  Using modern and ancient techniques of mentoring and culture creation we are helping people find themselves at home in their own local ecology.

Homeschool Connection- Ann Arbor

The Home School Connection (HSC) is an interdenominational Christian co-operative: families working with families, to provide a variety of academic and enrichment classes for home-schooled students of all ages k-12. We value one another’s contributions and commit to regular dialogue with each other through members’ meetings and annual surveys. All of our members have the opportunity to directly influence the vision and day-to-day working structure.

Explorers Home School Association - Ann Arbor

Explorers is an ecumenical Christian cooperative k-12.  We meet Tuesdays in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for two twelve week long semesters beginning in September. Explorers is a cooperative.  This means that one adult per family needs to be on site to help.  Duties involve teaching one class per semester and doing one additional co-op responsibility.

United Learning Academy (ULA) - AnnArbor

Welcome to United Learning Academy, a Brain Monkeys LLC company.  If this is your first time finding our company, Brain Monkeys is a STEAM education company that offers enrichment programs for kids.  Many of our Brain Monkeys programs are done in partnership with local schools and other organizations as well as many homeschooling groups throughout Southeastern Michigan.  In 2010 Brain Monkeys purchased and took over the local homeschool group United Learning Academy.

Enrich Christian Homeschool Co-op Metro-Detroit

Here at Enrich, we strive to provide a positive, Christian environment for your children to spend time with friends and learn exciting new things, while we support your entire family through all the varying years of the homeschool experience as the Lord has called you to educate your children in this uniquely challenging and rewarding process.  We realize homeschooling is more than just schooling at home and we want to help you balance the academics with fun and meaningful relationships for everyone in your family (yep - even the parents!) mixed with occasional field trips and other social gatherings. Our parent-taught classes are mostly non-academic, although learning always takes place.

Regina Caeli Academy Detroit

Regina Caeli is a private, independent University-Style Hybrid® academy operating in the Catholic tradition. We offer accredited classical academic and extracurricular classes to preschool - 12th grade students two days a week. The parent remains the primary educator by homeschooling the other three days a week, following the same classical curriculum. We are committed to faithful adherence to the Holy Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

Quo Vadis Homeschoolers Metro Detroit

Quo Vadis is a program offering dynamic and engaging classes for your student. Our teachers are experts in their fields; they bring with them years of experience and a dedication to inspire learning. We combine that expertise with a tailored class curriculum, supportive staff and dedicated families to create an enriching environment where your child will not only learn, but succeed!

This program was developed for families looking for a fun, educational environment where they can take advantage of fully-funded classes. Parents are not required to teach, and most have the option to simply drop-off their students for classes. Parents of course are also welcome to stay and socialize with other homeschooling families.

HighPoint Hybrid Academy Metro Detroit

At HighPoint Hybrid Academy we strive to develop a consistent community of students who learn and grow together, developing the skills and habits that will help them live a happy and fulfilled life. We encourage deeper friendships as students have classes together all day twice a week. We help students find their place in life and want all to realize they belong and have value. While learning together, students can identify their strengths, passions, and build leadership skills, so they will know how to use their gifts to impact the world. We also want to create community among parents who are educating their children in a non-traditional way. By working together, parents can have the help, support and encouragement they need to give their children the best education possible and prepare them for their future life.

The C.O.V.E. Redford

The C.O.V.E is a community of Christians whose mission is to glorify God through providing primarily high school home school classes.   Our desire is to complement and support the efforts of home schooling families and to help parents as they  equip their children for the Lord’s call on their lives.

Homeschool Academy Wayne

Welcome to Homeschool ACADEMY, where home educators come together with other like-minded families to offer learning experiences for our children. Homeschool ACADEMY exists to be a support to individual homeschools.  We are a homeschool cooperative in a Christian context.  Our teachers, administrators and other workers are all parent volunteers who come together, roll up their sleeves, and work diligently to provide quality educational opportunities.

Heritage Homeschool Educators Association (HHEA) - Plymouth

Heritage Home Educators Association (HHEA) is a parent-led Christian co-op in Plymouth, Michigan, but is open to all for membership. HHEA is a great way for homeschooling families to stay connected and involved. Our co-op is focused on family, quality classes, and the success of each child through projects, interaction, and active learning.

Palaestra, Inc. Livonia

Palaestra, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1994 to provide home education families with quality enrichment classes at an affordable rate. Classes are held on Fridays at His Church Anglican, 34500 Six Mile Rd., in Livonia. Palaestra is a decidedly Christian organization. Biblical standards for life and conduct are encouraged.

Homeschool Connections Auburn Hills

An Independent Homeschool Program Created by Homeschoolers for Homeschoolers. Homeschool Connections proudly serves the Metro-Detroit homeschool community by offering innovative, high-quality classes in several locations across southeastern Michigan. Each campus meets one day a week to complement your homeschooling journey! Our goal is to help you educate your children well! Our classes are taught by highly qualified instructors that bring enthusiasm and experience to their lessons. From history to art to science, math, writing, literature, robotics and even P.E., you’re sure to find a class that will delight and engage your child.

Renaissance Homeschool Group - Farmington Hills

With over 400 students, ​Renaissance Homeschool Group offers Young 5s-12th grade students some of the very best educational opportunities available to those who homeschool in Southeast Michigan. Anchored by a wide variety of classes in an atmosphere that is friendly, fun, and encouraging with high standards for class content and student participation, RHG also offers multiple field trip and social opportunities throughout the year as well as expert consultation to assist families with their homeschooling goals.

Oakdale Academy Waterford

Oakdale Academy invites homeschool students grades 7-12 and their parents to partner with us! Oakdale offers classes that can be difficult to teach effectively in a homeschool setting.  Homeschool students are integrated with full-time students in the classroom, and receive instruction from our highly qualified teachers, all in a Christ-centered environment.  It’s the best of both worlds! Middle school and high school students get to enjoy a positive school experience, and homeschool parents don’t have to worry if their child is getting solid academic instruction in challenging subject areas. 

Way of Wisdom Homeschool Group - Grand Blanc/ Flint

Way of Wisdom Homeschool Group provides a unique opportunity for homeschool students to attend both fun and educational learning labs without a financial burden to families. Through a partnership with Oxford Virtual Academy, Way of Wisdom provides unique learning labs taught by highly qualified lab experts; these opportunities are those ideally taught in a group setting or those normally unavailable to homeschoolers. In addition, we also now offer core subjects (ELA, Science, Social Studies, and Math) in our WOW Hybrid  program  and our High School Hybrid program.  Through an innovative approach, our hybrid programs fuse homeschooling, in class instruction, and OVA virtual academy learning to create a flexible  and unique learning experience.

HOME Homeschool Group Flint

Homes Organized for Meaningful Education (H.O.M.E.) is a Christian homeschool group serving the Greater Flint, Michigan area. We offer a bi-weekly co-op, monthly field trips, Swim & Gym classes, a Talent Night, a History/Art/Lego fair, monthly newsletters, Moms' Night Outs, scheduled play dates, and more!

Christian Home Educators Ministry (CHEM) Midland

Whether you are considering homeschooling or have been home educating for several years, CHEMinistry has a lot to offer. These public pages will give you a glimpse of the many benefits and opportunities provided by CHEMinistry for its members.

Catholic Home Educators of Rockwood Rockwood

We invite all homeschool families in Rockwood and surrounding areas looking for fellowship, learning opportunities, and fun, to come experience our co-op within the rich traditions of our Roman Catholic faith. Catholic Home Educators of Rockwood meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month, throughout the school year.  Check out our 2014-2015 schedule!  In addition to the Thursday meetups, we also gather for field trips, family potlucks and other social gatherings.

Families in Support of Homeschooling (FISH) Bellville

FISH is a homeschooling support group.  Our goal is to provide a social environment wherein parents and their homeschooled children are having fun and developing close friendships to last a lifetime! Our group is made up of families that homeschool their school age children.  Younger siblings are welcome.  Our families are very diverse in the ways we homeschool, and we are here to support all forms of homeschooling.

True Life Centers Monroe

True Life Centers exists to aid and support parents in providing a Christian value based education. We believe that to provide a complete education, the teaching process must be based on individual needs, allow parental control of the learning process, restore balance in the home, and permit family bonding. All in obedience to Proverbs 22:6

Onstead Virtual Academy Adrian/Husdon/Onstead/  Tecumseh

Our goal in the ONSTED ONLINE ACADEMY is to help students in any way possible and give them the best chance to succeed or challenge themselves when there is not an option in the regular classroom.

Paideia Learning Howell/Brighton

The vision of Paideia Learning is to be a leader in the transformation of education and the inclusion of all students with their unique gifts and experiences. We are committed to providing relevant, meaningful learning that leads to lifelong and systemic change, improves the lives of our citizens, and respects each person’s passions and individuality. We celebrate all types of intelligence (athletic, artistic, mechanical, musical, social-emotional) and abilities, not just a narrow range of specific academic measures that exclude large portions of our population.

Jackson Area Home Educators Jackson

We desire to cooperate with and encourage area home educators in matters of common interest, including legal information, educational resources, and motivation and training for both parents and their children. However, we specifically support families who educate their own children from a Christian perspective. We believe it is our responsibility to train and educate our children in accordance with God's will and with His Word, the Holy Bible. JAHE is committed to nurturing smaller support groups defined by geographical, curricular, or philosophical considerations. JAHE will facilitate communication between these groups and between home schoolers and the larger community through their programs and services. 

Christian Home Educators Support System  (CHESS) Lansing

Christian Home Educators' Support System (CHESS) was founded in the fall of 1993 as a co-operative effort on the part of a few Lansing area home educating families who realized that by working together and sharing the load, we could all benefit tremendously!  We are currently serving over 300 families from all over the greater Lansing area and beyond!

R.E.A.C.H. Kzoo Homeschool Co-op - Kalamazoo

REACH Kzoo is a group of Christian families who gather together to provide educational, social, and charitable enrichment opportunities for the local homeschooling community. The goal of REACH Kzoo is to support and encourage each other as parents/caretakers while offering our children the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate activities. The ultimate goal of REACH Kzoo is to glorify God and be a positive witness to our community.

Coram Deo Academics Perry

Coram Deo means “Before the face of God.” Are you searching for a stimulating educational experience? An academic homeschool support system that encourages its students to pursue their passions in an environment of excellence? Coram Deo may be just what you are looking for. The Coram Deo Experience Coram Deo Academics brings together the best teachers, relevant subjects, and the Classical Education model—utilizing the Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric stages. This strategy lifts our students to academic distinction.

Coram Deo provides an opportunity for students to achieve academic distinction within an environment that fosters a love of learning. Our dedicated teachers care about each student. Our structure is one of classical education—encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning through a variety of assignments and support, while providing unforgettable opportunities to build lasting friendships and express creativity.

CLEARwaterMuskegon Co-op (MCO) - Muskegon

CLEARwater Muskegon Co-op (MCO) meets at First Baptist Church (1070 Quarterline, Muskegon. South of Apple ave) on Friday mornings at 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30 class times.  MCO offers a weekly morning co-op of classes for K-12th grade, along with preschool and nursery for younger siblings. Our classes range from academic to extracurricular, with everything in between.  All classes run for 10 weeks in each session, with two sessions each year: Fall and Winter. We offer play dates, parties, Mom's Night Out, Wisdom Swaps, field trips, and more for our members. Currently, we are serving more than 50 families along the lakeshore and surrounding areas.

HSB, Inc. Wyoming

HSB, Inc. has been providing information, educational resources and networking opportunities for families in Michigan since 1999. We are proud to continue having a tremendously wide reaching and positive impact in our community. Enrichment Opportunities - Academics ∙ Sports ∙ Music ∙ Drama ∙ Art ∙ and more!

Discovery Wilderness School - Grand Rapids

Discovery Wilderness School is a Limited Liabilities Company, registered with the State of Michigan for the purpose of providing outdoor courses to home school students, virtual school students, and public/private school students to enrich their connection to nature.

GRACE Home School Association - Grand Rapids

GRACE provides regularly scheduled classes taught by qualified teachers for the benefit of students who are not able to take such classes at home.  GRACE teachers are required to be knowledgeable in their fields on the basis of previous teaching or professional experience. GRACE teachers must also hold to a reformed Christian approach to education.  While GRACE is nondenominational, Christian perspectives strongly influence all classroom teaching and the selection of educational materials. GRACE classes are open to all students K–12 whose parents are committed to home schooling and who are willing to abide by the GRACE code of conduct while at school.  Classes meet one day a week and parents are allowed to choose as few or as many of the offerings as they wish.

Agape Homeschool Group Alto /Lake Odessa

Agape Homeschool Group is a Christ-Centered Community that works to provide a variety of ways to connect, support, and encourage homeschool families within Ionia, Kent, Barry, Montcalm and surrounding counties. Agape is passionate about offering members and non-members educational, extracurricular, and social opportunities by serving each other through our strengths.

F.A.I.T.H. Homeschool, Inc. Lapeer County

Classes Meet at First Baptist of Lapeer 1212 Knollwood Dr. Lapeer, MI TIME FRAME AND FORMAT: The “school year” is broken down into two semesters: September – December, and January – April. Classes meet every other Monday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. This program is for grades K-12. Because one parent or guardian from each family is required to help, we provide childcare for the younger siblings including a nursery for infants, a Wee Walker nursery for children walking – 24 months of age (a simple craft, snack & story time are included), a Wee Runner nursery for children 24 months of age to 3 years (a story time, songs, games and crafts are included) and a Preschool for children 3-4 years old (must be potty trained and age 3 by December 1st of that calendar year). 

GUIDE Homeschool Group Lapeer County

GUIDE is a group of Christian home educators that seek to support each other in our goals of providing a quality education for our children. Our mission is to provide classes, support and encouragement to homeschool families from a biblical worldview.

Seeds of Faith Lapreer

Welcome to Seeds of Faith!  We are a group of Christian homeschool families that come together to provide further academic and social enrichment to the instruction provided in our home school.  While our main focus is on our co-op, we have many facets:

Christian Home Educators of Blue Water Area (C.H.E.W.B.A.) Blue Water

It is the mission of CHEBWA to be a support to homeschooling families and a light to the community in matters of faith, family and education. We strive to do this by providing  resources, a hand in friendship, and opportunities to come together for learning, growth and relationship-building. We do this primarily through monthly support group meetings, Mom's Night Out events, social and educational events, our website, and a private Facebook group.

H.E.O.R.C. Roscommon

Home Educators of Roscommon County is an association of Christian families who recognize that the education and nurturing of their children in all phases of life is the God-given responsibility of the parents. The organization and all of it's activities and publications will be consistently and forthrightly Christian.

Christian Homeschoolers of Northern Michigan 

A Christ-centered support group established to provide fellowship, encouragement and to enhance the ability of Christian families to home educate their children.

New Heights Educational Group - Defiance

New Heights Educational Group, Inc., promotes literacy for children and adults by offering a range of educational support services. Such services include the following: assisting families in the selection of schools; organization of educational activities; and acquisition of materials.  We promote a healthy learning environment and various enrichment programs for families of preschool and school-age children, including children with special needs.

C.A.C.H.E. Vermontville

Monday Tutored Classes - American History, Pre-Chem/Pre-Physics, Consumer Math, Biology, Spanish 1, Chemistry, IEW Level C, Sign Language, Algebra 1, CPR First Aid Monday Exploratory Classes - Painting, Pottery CACHE Co-ops - IEW Writing, Science, Book Club, Board Games Enrichment Day Co-op - Answers in Genesis, Mystery Island

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