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Homeschooling the older years

Wheather you are new to homeschooling or an old pro you may find the programs, reources, and oportunities start to be harder to find the older your student becomes.

First off welcome for whatever reason you have decided to homeschool your child. Take a minuet and celebrate that fact. It's not always easy to homeschool but I have found that the deep relationships and connections to my children are priceless.

Why did you start?

You can do this!

One of the most common things I hear from new homeschooling parents is of the fear they have of messing up. You are capable of teaching your children. I promis you can do this. For the majority of our time on this planet students learned at home going back to a child centered approach lets you teach each child to their best understanding.

But I'm really bad at ...

There will be subjects that you will struggle with or that you and your child working together clash. The good news is that its okay to be honest and talk out conserns you have with your family. When my son was ready to take on Pre-Calculus I knew me teaching that class wouldn't be fun for either of us. I decided to have him try a class online. He loved his teacher, learned lots and even decided to do Summer classes with the teacher becasue he had so much fun learning math from her.

For us supporting his love of math and getting him a teacher for that subject that could support his curriosity and love in I way I could't was the best fit for him. I focus on giving my children the best custom education for each child. Of course becasue they are all different what one is good at another stuggles at. My daughters wouldn't take an extra math class for fun but art or nature that's a different story.

Understanding what your why for homeschooling is can help when you turn to others to help your children meet their educational goals. For us it wasn't about me being the best homeschool mom teaching all of the subjects, it was about getting each child what they needed. I have never felt bad for reaching out to others to help teach subjects that I'm not an expert in or where someone else could teah it better. This can come in many forms for example the archery teacher, the swim coach, ballet teacher, karate instructor, music instrutor or co-op teacher just to name a few.

Be Flexable

One of the benifits of homeschooling to the flexability it allows.

Students have their own natural rythem. Work with what each students natural rythems are. If your student struggles first thing in the morrning don't set them up for failure by assigning their harderst subject first. Allow the student to wake up and start with something that is easier for both of you physical activity, read-a-loud, or morrning baskets are all chioces you might consider.

Redesign Learning

What if schooling was tailored to your child and their interest allowing them try as many interests as they can? Life today is different than it was for past generations. Getting a college degree doesn't guarentee a good paying job once they finish. They may not stay in the field that they studied for. Switching to a mind frame of a life long learner will sereve them well.

When learning is something to be done for the love of learning and curiosity students will find whatever they do later in life will be easier. As technology keeps advancing employers expect there employes to keep learning to stay current on the latest technology.

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