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Getting Outside

Spring is here and with it the warmmer weather. If you are like me I have been cooped up all Winter now that the weather is nicer it's time to get outside and explore.

Walking in nature is something that brings me peace and a calm. I feel like getting outside allows my mental batteries to recharge. I am lucky to have some great walking paths near our home and I love walking in the woods.

"Children understand and remember consepts best when they learn from direct personal experience." Joseph Cornell

We are at the time of year where many people have shared they drag in their homeschooling journey. Kids want to get outside and play. I am asked by worried parents about making it to the end of the curriculm by whatever date they set for themselves on the calander.

Take it Outside

Who said you have to work inside? Pack a backpack and go to the park. Let the kids play, go for a hike, enjoy lessons in the sun. If you don't make it to the end of the curriculm by the date you circled on your calander nothing bad will happen. However, letting your family get outside and recharge will benifit you.

Once we get to the warm weather we ofter move our lessons onto our back deck. I love being outside listening to the birds, wind, and just enjoying the sun on my face. We can do messy science in the backyard and not have all the clean up of doing the same experiment inside. The kids can get up and move when they need a break. Chores can be added as a game. How many sticks can they pick up in 5 or 10 min. Doing this once each day can get our large property picked up in a week without feeling like it was a huge chore.

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