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So maybe you are new to homeschooling or have been around for a while. Many people find the transition from elemtary, middle and high schools challenging. They worry that they might not be the best to teach certain subjects. Well here is a secret that I want you to know right fromt he start. You do not have to be the only person to teach your child!

If the thought of Calculus makes you break out in hives then please do my and your child a favior and get them a teacher who loves that subject if thats something that your child wants to prusue. Don't waiste your time, pashients, and energy on things that will not serve you or your child.

Know that you can do this and it isn't as hard or scary as it may seem. That being said high school does take more planning than the lower grades. I recommend a homeschool planner for the parent and a planner for the student. These are a great way to keep track of assignements, foster indepencence, and a great place to keep the record of the school year. Currently, in Michigan we don't have to turn in potfolios. However, with the suden rise of homeschooling laws may change. Having a planner and using it will keep your records should you even need to create the planner in the future.

My parent and student planners will be avaible soon.

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